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The Handbook for Young Builders.

Welcome to our handbook for young builders. Whether you're coding your first website, raising capital for your startup, or signing up to LinkedIn, there's something to learn from these resources.

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Hacking the Education System

Simon Wijckmans

What do entrepreneurs do when their passion is not in reach 5 days out of 7? They find a solution, a hack.

From the classroom to a tech startup - on building thriving communities

Liz Friedland

No matter what community you are working to build, these mindsets will help you get there faster, with and alongside your members.

How I Avoid Burnout & Deal with Anxiety as a Founder

Putri Karunia

Being a founder is not easy, there’s always a thousand things going on at the same. Not knowing what comes next or if you’re doing enough ca...

Venture Capital 101

Jonathan Chang

Whether you’re a founder, software engineer, or designer working in the startup ecosystem, it’s beneficial to you to understand where money ...

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